Apply to be RTS Young Technologist 2017 - deadline extended

Aimed at early career engineers in broadcasting or its related industries, the award celebrates the new talent making its mark on the industry.

The RTS Young Technologist of the Year Award is open to those working for fewer than five years within the technical side of broadcasting or its related industries. 

Judges will look for applicants who can already demonstrate their contribution to their sector and who have a good overview of the industry as a whole.

TV and Film need skilled workers now

Gareth Ellis-Unwin speaking into microphone on stage

The March conference, “Buckinghamshire: delivering world-leading education pathways for film and television”, was initiated by the CEO of Marlow Film Studios, Robert Laycock.

It heard that the industry has grown 15 times faster than the economy at large, bringing with it unparalleled opportunities for highly skilled, well-paid and life-enhancing jobs. Buckinghamshire has become one of the key UK destinations for major high-end TV and film production.

Simon Hui named the RTS Young Technologist of the Year 2021

Simon Hui, Graduate Technical Engineer at Timeline TV, was chosen to receive the prestigious award by a panel of expert industry judges, which was chaired by Digital Media Consultant, Terry Marsh.

Working at broadcast technology and services company Timeline for almost two years, Simon has gained extensive experience focused primarily on remote production and the exploration of new technologies.