Jamie Dornan

BBC releases first look images of Jamie Dornan in The Tourist

Jamie Dornan (Credit: BBC)

The six-part thriller sees Jamie Dornan (The Fall) as a British man who is ruthlessly pursued through the unforgiving Australian outback by a tank truck determined to drive him off the road. 

This leads to a dangerous cat and mouse game, which sees The Man end up seriously wounded in hospital but miraculously alive. 

He may be alive, but he can no longer remember who he is and dark figures from his past are still chasing him. 

BBC One confirms cast for upcoming thriller The Tourist

Jamie Dornan, Danielle Macdonald, Hugo Weaving and Shalom Brune-Franklin (credit: BBC)

The six-part series, written by Harry and Jack Williams, will chart one man’s search for his identity in the vast expansive plains of the Australian outback.

Jamie Dornan (The Fall) will lead the series as a British man who finds himself being followed on the dust tracks of the Australian outback by a tank truck attempting to force him off the road.

Jamie Dornan cast in TV adaptation of Dr Death podcast

Jamie Dornan on The Graham Norton Show (Credit: BBC)

Dr Death follows the true story of sociopath and former neurosurgeon Christopher Duntsch, who’s gross malpractice resulted in the deaths and severe maiming of numerous patients.

Dornan will star as the twisted doctor during his rise in the Dallas medical community, as Duntsch enjoys the booming success of his neurosurgery practice.

This success soon changes as patients who enter for complex but routine surgeries are left severely maimed or deceased.