Gary Lineker

Samir Shah – the new man in the hot seat at the BBC

Samir Shah sits close to the camera in an office room

Shah may not be the most politically well-connected of BBC Chairs or have the experience of running a large-scale organisation, but his broadcasting and television credentials are impeccable.

He is also the organisation’s first Chair of colour and, whereas recent BBC leaders such as Gavyn Davies, David Clementi and Richard Sharp all had successful careers in the City before being given the BBC job, the new Chair’s background is steeped in television journalism.

Ear Candy: The Rest Is Entertainment

Seemingly destined to breeze through any line of work that tickles his fancy, after nonchalantly mastering the art of TV presenting, Lineker is now doing the same with podcast producing. The name of his production company? Goalhanger.

I’m sure it was brainstormed with tongue in cheek but, after commandeering the topics of history, politics, money, football and now entertainment, Goalhanger’s ever­expanding The Rest Is… franchise is threatening to consume the entire top 10 on the podcast chart.

BBC announces Euro 2016 coverage

Between 10 June and 10 July, the broadcaster aims to cover 140 hours of football news during the European Championship, as well as providing extensive material over all their media channels. 

Former England captains Alan Shearer and Rio Ferdinand will present the cup's matches alongside France's Thierry Henry. Fan-favourite Gary Lineker takes the lead on all television reports, and will appear on digital coverage as well.