Richard Osman

Ear Candy: The Rest Is Entertainment

Seemingly destined to breeze through any line of work that tickles his fancy, after nonchalantly mastering the art of TV presenting, Lineker is now doing the same with podcast producing. The name of his production company? Goalhanger.

I’m sure it was brainstormed with tongue in cheek but, after commandeering the topics of history, politics, money, football and now entertainment, Goalhanger’s ever­expanding The Rest Is… franchise is threatening to consume the entire top 10 on the podcast chart.

More programming for 10-14s in Channel 4's remit

Existing hits Gogglesprogs, Educating ..., and the Richard Osman-fronted Child Genius will be renewed alongside all new commissions, as the broadcaster boosts its spending on content aimed at young teens from £3million to £5million a year.

Targeting the audience of Channel 4's 8pm slot, the initiative also aims to provide wider learning experiences in the form of animated online shorts accompanying their shows, made available on their website and app All4.