Comfort Classic: Bullseye

Every good gameshow needs a catchphrase; darts-themed classic Bullseye had enough for several. Add a genial host, the legendary Jim Bowen, an animated bull in a striped darts shirt, “Bully”, and, hey presto, ITV had a Sunday afternoon staple attracting up to 20 million viewers in the 1980s.

“Super, smashing, great!”, said Jim, when he wasn’t saying, “You can’t beat a bit of Bully!” or explaining the rules of the gameshow: “Stay out of the black and into the red, nothing in this game for two in a bed.”

Claudia Winkleman to host new gameshow One Question

Credit: Channel 4

The six-part series will see contestants try to win a prize of £100,000 by answering only one question.

There will be twenty possible answers but only one correct answer. The contestants must eliminate the incorrect answers to show them the path to victory, but if they eliminate one correct answer it will be game over. 

Claudia Winkleman commented: “I am ridiculously excited about One Question. There’s no time limit, no buzzers, no complicated rules. A sofa, a chat, just one question that could win our players £100,000. Not only that, we give them the answer. 

Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby are back with BBC series Take Off

Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh (Credit: BBC)

Each week members of the studio audience will see their names appear on the Take Off departure board and compete against each other in a series of games in order to win seats on a plane, which will whisk them off on an extraordinary holiday.

Created by Hungry Bear Media, the show will include entertaining challenges, captivating stories, celebrity appearances and more.

New game show Hush Money is the ultimate friendship test

Credit: BBC

The series – set to air on BBC Three later this year – will see teams of friends faced with four individual chambers, each containing a series of challenges.

Starting the game with £5,000 in prize money, the team must endure a series of shocks, surprises and scares as they complete the various challenges.

Each chamber will elicit a reaction from the team, from blood curdling screams, to shouts of joy, but each time one of the group screams, the prize money drops.