Bradley Walsh

Bradley Walsh to host Gladiators reboot alongside son Barney

All members of the Walsh family have a longstanding relationship with Gladiators. Barney grew up on the set of the original series, watching his mum Donna Derby choreograph the Gladiators cheerleaders, and even taking some of his first steps on the arena floor. Bradley (The Chase) stepped up to compete in a Celebrities vs Jockeys special in 1997.

Bradley Walsh and Holly Willoughby are back with BBC series Take Off

Holly Willoughby and Bradley Walsh (Credit: BBC)

Each week members of the studio audience will see their names appear on the Take Off departure board and compete against each other in a series of games in order to win seats on a plane, which will whisk them off on an extraordinary holiday.

Created by Hungry Bear Media, the show will include entertaining challenges, captivating stories, celebrity appearances and more.