NETB Awards 2017 Winners List

NETB Awards 2017 Winners List

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Winners of the RTS North East & The Border Awards 2017

These are the winners of each Category — for more details, click the category name link.

[We try to be accurate with the picture captions, but in the euphoria of award-winning, it's not always possible to get all the names written down.  If any corrections need to be made, contact the Webmaster.]

Category 1A — Best Non-Broadcast Factual/Factual Entertainment/Features
WINNER: Ubisoft Reflections Recruitment Film, Future and Co

Category 1B — Best Broadcast Factual/Factual Entertainment/Features
WINNER: Gift of Hearing, BBC North East & Cumbria

Category 2 — Best Drama
WINNER: Vera, ITV Studios

Category 3 — Best Promotion or Commercial Production
WINNER: Sportivate, North Stars

Category 4 — Best News Programme
WINNER: ITV Tyne Tees News

Category 5 — Professional Excellence – Innovation
WINNER: Beyond the Borders, Arcus Animation Studios with Dilly Arts and Attaya Productions

Category 6 — Outstanding Journalism
WINNER: Dan Farthing , BBC North East & Cumbria

Category 7 — Presenter of the Year
WINNER: Pam Royle, ITV Tyne Tees & Border

Category 8 — Performance of the Year
WINNER: Brenda Blethyn, Vera, ITV Studios

Category 9 — Rising Star
WINNER: Phillippa Goymer, BBC North East & Cumbria

Category 10A — Professional Excellence – Photography
WINNER: Scott Coulter

Category 10B — Professional Excellence – Animation, Graphics and Titling
WINNER: James Taylor, Arcus Animation Studios

Category 10C — Professional Excellence – Editing
WINNER: Chris Middis, BBC North East & Cumbria

Category 11 — The Centre Award
WINNER: Made in Tyne and Wear

Category 12 — Outstanding Contribution
WINNER: Fiona Armstrong, ITV Border

Category 13 — Outstanding Contribution – 30th Anniversary Award
WINNER: Alan Farrington

Category 14 — Special Award
WINNER: Mike Neville


Student Awards

Regional Student Award – News
WINNER: 'Corbridge Floods Aftermath', Alice Winney, University of Sunderland

Regional Student Award – Short Feature
WINNER: 'Many Many Mountains', Chloe Boston, Carlisle College of the Arts

Regional Student Award – Factual
WINNER: An Adapted Generation, University of Cumbria

Regional Student Award – Craft
Camerawork – 'Flora Cash, For Someone', University of Cumbria
Sound – 'Leith', University of Cumbria
Editing – 'Venus', University of Northumbria
Production Design – 'SHED', Teesside University

Regional Student Award – Comedy and Entertainment
WINNER: 'Community Radio', University of Sunderland

Regional Student Award – Drama
WINNER: 'SHED', Teesside University

Regional Student Award – Animation
WINNER: 'A Monster Named Malcolm', Teesside University

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