E4 announces new digital commissions

E4 announces new digital commissions

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Wednesday, 20th May 2020

E4 has commissioned new digital content for spring and summer to run across All 4, YouTube and social media.

Navi Lamba, Digital Commission Exec for E4, commented: “It’s been so brilliant harnessing all the creativity the lockdown has inspired in our indie partners.

“We’ve commissioned across a number of genres and a mixture of animation and live action, hearing the stories of real people across the country and those of well-known faces in comedy, music and TV and all are tailored to work best for our young audiences.”


Remote Comedy from The Paddock

People may not be able to go to comedy gigs at the moment, but E4 is bringing the comedy to you with a series of original comedy shorts, written and filmed by comedians at home in lockdown.

Remote Comedy from the Paddock sees comedians from across the globe perform a mix of stand up, sketches, character and musical comedy from their homes.

Comedians including Lolly Adefope, Jamie Demetriou, Claudia O'Doherty, Phil Wang, Cat Cohen, Tash Demetriou, Ellie White, Rosie Jones and Sam Campbell will take part.

The four-part series will air on E4, YouTube and social media from 9pm on Tuesday 26th May.


Grime Therapy

Looking after your mental health is important for everyone and with the lockdown forcing us to spend more time indoors, confronted with an endless stream of social media and news updates, our mental health is more important now than ever.

Grime Therapy is an animated series that sees the UK’s leading grime stars open up about their own mental health and how they deal with it.

They talk about their own personal experiences and provide science-based techniques and mental approaches that will help people handle emotions like anger, worry, conflict, uncertainty, boredom and loneliness.

The artists take their skills and use their unique flows and beats to create techniques that will help viewers switch off from social media, sleep better, feel happier and improve their lives.

The five-part series will soon air on All4, YouTube and social.


Letters in Lockdown

Lockdown means that many people are connecting with loved ones over WhatsApp, Facetime or Zoom instead of meeting face to face.

Although technology has helped people stay in touch, a more meaningful way to connect could be writing letters.

Four young people and two famous faces from across the UK tell their stories of who inspired them to put pen to paper and write a letter of love, pride or apology to someone who means a lot to them.

The six-part series will air on All4, YouTube and social soon.


Big Brother: Best Shows Ever Show

Coming this summer, the series will look back at some of the most jaw dropping and memorable Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother episodes.

Davina McCall and Ryan Clark-Neal will be revelling in the drama, introducing each show and looking back at some of their favourite moments.

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E4 has commissioned new digital content for spring and summer to run across All 4, YouTube and social media.