Meet the five new cast members joining Made in Chelsea

Meet the five new cast members joining Made in Chelsea

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Monday, 8th April 2024
L-R - Jack Taylor, Tina Stinnes, Zeyon Taylan, Julia Pollard (Muffin) and Sam Vanderpump (Credit: Rachel Joseph / Channel 4)

With 2023 seeing the cast continue their shenanigans in Corsica and Australia, the King’s Road regulars are back in Chelsea for series 27.

But this time they’re welcoming five new faces, including a member of the Vanderpump family.

This series will see Reza Amiri-Garroussi and Ruby Adler still on shaky ground after their attempts to reconcile in Sydney. This reunion is causing a strain on Ruby and Emily Blackwell’s friendship, as Ruby doesn’t want to hear Emily’s opinions on Reza. Sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers' relationship status is also as yet unclear.

Tristan Phipps and Lauren Sintes are at odds as Tristan is looking for full commitment and Lauren isn’t too sure, while Sam (who is not Lauren’s biggest fan) is giving Tristan relationship advice. Recently married Maeva D’Ascanio and James Taylor are enjoying newly-wed life. However, they might be in the market for a nanny… and a sex therapist.

Meet the five cast members ready to brave Sloane Square:

Jack Taylor, 22

Jack Taylor (Credit: Rachel Joseph / Channel 4)

Jack Taylor is the younger brother of recently married MIC star James Taylor. Whilst he is close with him and his wife Maeva D’Ascanio, he often doesn’t accept their advice.

The 22-year-old is besties with Freddy Knatchbull, and the two are looking for a place together in Chelsea, whilst Jack finishes his Real Estate degree.

Jack is single and might be hoping to follow in his brother and sister in law’s footsteps by meeting his special someone on the show, but they’d have to be the “perfect girl” to get him into a relationship.

Vanders (Sam Vanderpump), 26

Sam Vanderpump (Credit: Rachel Joseph / Channel 4)

It looks like Lisa Vanderpump’s nephew is ready to go into the family business. Let’s hope Sam shares his aunt's talent for drama creation, as the Real Housewives star’s spin-off Vanderpump Rules made headlines in 2023 for unearthing Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss’ affair (after the pair were seen wearing matching lightning bolt necklaces, and a risqué video of the two of them surfaced). It destroyed Sandoval’s decade-long relationship with Ariana Madix, in an internet-breaking controversy otherwise known as #Scandoval.

Sam is an ex-professional racer, and now runs a brokerage firm, Vanderpump FX. He is already a regular fixture in King’s Road ragers, and has been best friends with Reza Amiri-Garroussi for the last seven years. Seems like he’ll fit right in!

Muffin (Julia Pollard), 21

Muffin (Credit: Rachel Joseph / Channel 4)

Pollard goes by ‘Muffin’, a nickname given to her due to her “super sweet energy.” But this Muffin doesn’t crumble easily: Muffin stands up for herself and won’t take anything from anyone.

Muffin’s hobbies include making friends, flirting, going to the gym, and having an Aperol Spritz. Notably Muffin doesn’t include baking on this list.

Tina Stinnes, 28

Tina Stinnes (Rachel Joseph / Channel 4)

You might recognise Tina from some cameos she’s made in the show in the past. Due to having several cast-member friends, she’s been out and about with them since her early 20s, and now she’s becoming a regular fixture.

Tina is fiercely loyal and loves spending time with her friends and partying, and she is never without her miniature dachshund by her side.

Zeyon Taylan, 24

Zeyon Taylan (Credit: Rachel Joseph / Channel 4)

Zeyon is the current girlfriend of Harvey Armstrong, who entered the MIC cast as the boyfriend of Sophie Habboo. Through Harvey, Zey has got to know many of his friends, and is known to lead a night out.

Zey works as a fashion stylist and is hoping to work her way up in the fashion world and learn all the ins and outs.  

Made in Chelsea series 27 will be starting Monday 15 April at 9.00pm on E4.

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With 2023 seeing the cast continue their shenanigans in Corsica and Australia, the King’s Road regulars are back in Chelsea for series 27.