The most shocking reality TV moments

The most shocking reality TV moments

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Thursday, 17th December 2020

Reality TV is the perfect way to watch the real life highs and lows of everyday people, all while revelling in the drama from the comfort of your own home.

Here are some of our favourite reality TV moments. 

"What a sad little life Jane"

Come Dine With Me follows a group of strangers as they compete to be crowned the ultimate dinner party host, with each contestant creating their own version of the perfect dinner party, which will see them scored out of ten by each guest. 

With a cash prize of £1000 on offer, there have been plenty of tiffs and tantrums thrown over the years but one memorable contestant, Peter, did not take losing quietly. 

After hosting the final dinner party, Peter revealed the results, only to discover that he had come last and Jane had won, despite Peter accusing her of sabotaging his night. 

Peter gave Jane the ultimate hard stare and said she had a “sad little life” and “all the decorum of a reversing dump truck.”

Peter's explosive reaction went viral and still inspires memes today. 

Rylan melodramatic X Factor reaction  

Rylan Clark-Neal has forged a successful career as a TV presenter, hosting shows from Supermarket Sweep to Big Brother’s Bit on the Side

Clark-Neal first rose to fame on The X Factor in 2012, when he was a contestant hoping to make it as a singer.  

During the judges' houses stage, Clark-Neal was vying for a place on Nicole Scherzinger’s team so he could make it through to the live performances. 

After he was given the much sought after 'yes', Clark-Neal dropped to the floor and sobbed in disbelief, using the sofa’s cushions to dry his tears. 

Speaking to presenter Dermot O’Leary, Clark-Neal continued to sob, gasping for breath and asking, “it’s real isn’t it?”.

In the end, Clark-Neal finished fifth and while he didn’t make it big in the music industry, he has still become a regular face on TV. 

Ablisa’s volatile audition for The X Factor

Another iconic X-Factor moment comes from the dynamic duo Abbey and Lisa, who gave themselves the original name of AbLisa. 

The two teenage best friends were hoping to hit the musical big time, but their audition started off badly with the pair shouting at the audience and initially walking off the stage. 

The pair sang Shane Ward, but the tone-deaf rendition was widely unpopular and Simon Cowell said the girls had “the worst attitude” he had seen while judging the show. 

After being rude to the judges, Abbey Johnstone unexpectedly swung and punched her partner Lisa Parker in the face, much to everyone’s surprise.

Curtis Pritchard breaks Amy Hart’s heart 

Love Island contestants Amy Hart and Curtis Pritchard settled down together early on in the 2019 series, quickly establishing themselves as the seemingly unshakeable old married couple of the group. 

Shortly, Curtis quickly had his head turned in Casa Amor and felt confused about his feelings for Amy. 

On his return to the villa, Curtis brutally dumped Hart after their four-week courtship and status as her 'half-boyfriend'. 

Hart tearfully told Pritchard he had broken her heart and called him a compulsive liar, before revealing that she had been planning to tell him that she loved him. 

Made in Chelsea’s Zara McDermott’s cheating scandal 

Reality stars Zara McDermott and Sam Thompson were once one of the unbreakable couples of Chelsea before it was discovered that McDermott had cheated on Thompson with music boss Brahim Fouradi during her stint on X Factor: Celebrity.

Branding herself as “hugely selfish” and “immature”, the pair came together to discuss McDermott’s betrayal.

Talking in between sobs, McDermott begged for Thompson’s forgiveness and pleaded with him to try again with their relationship, telling him she believed with her whole heart they could work through it. 

Despite all those sobs, not a single tear was shed.

Celebrity Big Brother’s Tiffany Pollard mistakenly believes David Gest is dead

Celebrity Big Brother has entertained viewers with plenty of embarrassing and drama-filled moments over the years and in 2016, a misunderstanding caused an iconic Big Brother moment. 

While in the Big Brother house, Angie Bowie discovered that her ex-husband David Bowie had passed away and told Tiffany Pollard, “David is dead”. 

Pollard assumed the 'David' being referred to was their fellow housemate's David Gest, resulting in Pollard erupting into hysterics, screaming and weeping, forcing Bowie to comfort her instead of grieving for her own loss. 

Eventually, the whole misunderstanding was cleared up, but not before Pollard expressed her rage at feeling that Bowie had played a cruel joke on her. 

Gemma Collins proves she is the ultimate diva  

The Only Way Is Essex diva Gemma Collins is known for her no-nonsense approach and she had no problem confronting her on and off again boyfriend James Argent about his bad behaviour.

In one memorable moment, Collins approached Argent by the pool in a bright pink sarong before saying, “take a good look at this, you ain't ever gonna get this candy,” before dramatically revealing a black curve-hugging swimsuit underneath.

Collins went on to tell Argent that he shouldn’t disrespect girls after he had compared her to his skinnier ex-girlfriend Lydia Bright. 

She then added, “you think I'm pretty but I'm too fat to go out with you James. I might not be a size ten but I've got a good heart, so take that and kiss that,” before turning around and walking off. 

Kim Kardashian breaks down after losing her diamond earring 

The Kardashians are not a family most can relate to and seem to have it all, but even they suffer from hardships. 

Kim Kardashian was left sobbing in a 2011 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians when she lost a $75,000 earring while on a family trip to Bora Bora. 

Her then-boyfriend Kris Humphries had playfully thrown her into the ocean, but laughter soon turned to tears when her earring fell to the bottom of the ocean. 

Her sister Kourtney failed to feel any sympathy for Kim, giving the deadpan line, “Kim, there's people that are dying.” 

Kim’s tears were only assuaged when Kylie found and retrieved the earring from the ocean, ending her tantrum. 

Susan Boyle’s shocking voice on Britain’s Got Talent

Britain’s Got Talent has taken many ordinary people from obscurity and placed them in the spotlight.

One of the most memorable stars to emerge from the reality series is former contestant Susan Boyle, who shot to international stardom after her appearance on the show in 2009. 

The unassuming Boyle belted out a note-perfect cover of I Dreamed A Dreamed from Les Miserables, wowing the judges and earning her a standing ovation. 

Her powerful vocals weren’t enough to win the competition, but that didn’t stop her from signing a record deal with Simon Cowell and releasing eight successful albums, with a ninth currently in the works. 

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Reality TV is the perfect way to watch the real life highs and lows of everyday people, all while revelling in the drama from the comfort of your own home.