Meet the contestants of summer Love Island 2023

Meet the contestants of summer Love Island 2023

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Friday, 2nd June 2023
Credit: ITV/Lifted Entertainment

The now bi-annual Love Island is back for the summer with a cast announcement, and a June release date.

For the tenth series, the Love Island villa has opened its doors to 10 hopeful singles as they aim to win £50,000 through public vote, and hopefully find love, and a PLT deal, along the way.

After entering the villa, the singles pair into couples and enjoy a few hours of happily partnered bliss before a new “bombshell” enters the villa to steal one half of a couple, leaving someone single. If the single islander isn’t chosen by anyone in the next recoupling, they will be dumped from the island.

All events are overseen by Maya Jama, who is hosting her second series after Laura Whitmore passed her the baton in 2022.

The Love Island team has decided to shake it up for series 10, by having the viewers and loyal fans decide which islanders should be partnered up via their app. In previous series, this decision was for the islanders to make themselves.

Meet the contestants

Mehdi Edno, 26

Communications manager

Mehdi claims he always gets what he wants, and most of the time he wants a brunette woman with 'fire in her eyes'. Although he comes from Bordeux, the city of wine, he moved to London in search of Full English Breakfasts and British women. He’s looking for a woman that’s up for an adventure and claims he will win them over with his “je ne sais quoi”.

Molly Marsh, 21

Musical theatre performer and social media creator

Molly fills this year’s quota of celebrity offspring – her mum has appeared on Coronation Street and dabbled in some voice acting for CBBC. A love for the limelight runs in the family, as alongside being a social media influencer, she performs in pantomimes and theatre productions across the UK.

Ella Thomas, 23


Ella is a self-proclaimed full package made of “wifey material”. She won’t settle for less than being treated like a queen…or a man under six foot. The Glaswegian model’s claims to fame are being in a Burna Boy music video and meeting Brad Pitt when doing some extra work in World War Z at age 13.

Tyrique Hyde, 24

Semi-Professional Footballer

Tyrique has entered the Love Island villa looking for his first and last girlfriend, and hopefully one with good balance. The semi-pro footballer claims to be a player on and off the pitch; he once saw a girl fall down the stairs on a date, which caused the end of their short-lived relationship as he got ‘the ick’ and decided not to see her again.

Jess Harding, 22

Aesthetics Practitioner

Jess is looking for a man who kisses like a “sloth and not a lizard” and doesn’t own fake designer gear. Longer term, Jess is ready to settle down and wants to be a “young MILF” who takes her kids to school in a Range Rover.​

Catherine Agbaje, 23

Commercial real estate agent

Catherine attracts men by sending them voice notes of her Dublin accent, however this has never got her out of the situationship phase. Fun facts about Catherine include that she has two degrees and she doesn’t have veneers, just great oral hygiene.

André Furtado, 21

Business owner

André claims he can make girls fall in love by saying “I love bum bum” in Portuguese…a strong opener from one of this year’s youngest islanders. The Birmingham local doesn’t mind having to tread on toes to find his wife in the villa, and promises to teach her Portuguese, Spanish, and a little bit of Creole too.

Ruchee Gurung, 24


Ruchee is hoping to find someone to grow old and have many kids, grandkids, cats and dogs with; however, if they turn up to their date in skinny jeans, she’ll just have to turn around and go home. Fashion is truly a make or break.

Mitchel Taylor, 26

Gas Engineer

Mitchel is the second islander on this list who wants to let it be known he does not have veneers. He just brushes his teeth twice a day, “which is why they are white”. His teeth aren’t the only thing Mitchel has going for him, he is a relationship person who thrives off being a gentleman and promises to supply his future girlfriend with flowers and fill her bedside drawer with her favourite sweets and chocolate.

George Fensom, 24

Business development executive

George is a self-proclaimed “cheeky chappy” who can talk to anyone about anything. Able to adapt to any situation, his choice of topic for those in their 40s is ‘bingo’, whilst those in their early 20s will be treated to a bit of patter about TikTok. He also has a broad ‘type’, with his three dream women being Megan Fox, Nigella Lawson, and The Chase’s Governess, Anne Hegarty.

Love Island returns for its 10th series on Monday 5 June 2023 at 9.00pm on ITV2 and ITVX.

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The now bi-annual Love Island is back for the summer with a cast announcement, and a June release date.