The Sandman

BBC releases first-look pictures for psychological thriller Dead and Buried

Annabel Scholey and Colin Morgan sit opposite each other at a table in a cafe

Cathy’s (Scholey) life is turned upside down when she spots Michael (Morgan) outside a supermarket. 20 years ago, Michael was convicted for the murder of Cathy’s brother. Now out of prison on early release, Michael has managed to start a family and build a successful career, to Cathy’s horror.

Jenna Coleman on Wilderness, dancing in Vegas and going beyond right and wrong

Jenna Coleman stands in front of a canyon

Extensive use of accents means the versatility of the actor’s work is obvious even if you watched it blindfolded. She is French-Canadian in The Serpent, cockney in The Sandman, Geordie in this year’s action thriller movie Jackdaw and Welsh in revenge tale Wilderness.