RTS Digital Convention 2020

In conversation with Professor Lord Ara Darzi and Dr Alan Karthikesalingam | RTS Digital Convention 2020

Professor Lord Ara Darzi, President of the British Science Association, joins Dr Alan Karthikesalingam, Research Lead at Google Health UK, in conversation as part of the RTS Digital Convention 2020.

Professor Lord Ara Darzi and Dr Alan Karthikesalingam discuss how Artificial Intelligence is being pioneered in healthcare, extraordinary technological advances, human behaviour and the societal impacts of these. 

ITV CEO Carolyn McCall: “If you don’t have prominence your content will not be found in this new digital world"

The Chief Executive of ITV said that the coronavirus epidemic had “brought home to a lot of people” the importance of having “a trusted [TV] source, [with no] disinformation”. 

But she warned: “A lot of the stuff that goes on air would not be made if it wasn’t for the fact that there are public service broadcasters.”

McCall called for public service broadcasting, which is currently being reviewed by both media regulator Ofcom and the DCMS committee, to be treated fairly.

Alex Mahon on how Channel 4 has risen to the challenge at the RTS Digital Convention 2020

They say that times of crisis often bring out the best in people and organisations. For an example of this, look no further than how Channel 4 has adapted to postponed productions and an alarming fall in advertising over the past six months.

“In a crisis, when you have to change really fast, Channel 4 is actually amazing,” the broadcaster’s CEO, Alex Mahon, told Tim Hincks, co-CEO of Expectation, at the RTS’s Digital Convention.

A BBC for all? BBC's Director-General Tim Davie talks at the RTS Digital Convention 2020

To say that Tim Davie has hit the ground running is an understatement. In his first week as the BBC’s 17th Director-General he delivered a remarkably candid speech setting out clearly his values and agenda. A fortnight later, he was the first speaker at the RTS’s Digital Convention 2020, when he was interviewed by the Society’s CEO, Theresa Wise.

Alex Mahon: How indies saved Channel 4 during lockdown

Speaking at the RTS Digital Convention 2020, Mahon recalled that in the spring when Britain was hit by the first wave of coronavirus: “Indies came to the rescue of Channel 4 and said ‘We’ll be flexible, we’ll work out how to produce in lockdown.’  

“They said, ‘We have to delay this programme or we can’t make it or we’ve found a cunning way to make this programme.’”  

She added: “Indies did incredible things and produced things cheaply.”  

In conversation with Alex Mahon | RTS Digital Convention 2020

Watch Alex Mahon, CEO of Channel 4, in conversation with Tim Hincks, co-CEO of Expectation as part of the RTS Digital Convention 2020, sponsored by YouTube.

Alex and Tim discuss Covid strategies, editorial direction and production budgets, the rate of change at Channel 4, Ofcom’s PSB review and much more.

The session is part of a number of online events from leading industry figures for RTS Digital Convention 2020, sponsored by YouTube.

New BBC Director-General Tim Davie says improving diversity is "mission critical"

In a tough stance reflecting sentiments articulated in his maiden speech as DG to the BBC on September 3, Davie told that RTS that “talk is cheap,” and that actions on greater representation of those from minority ethnic groups in the BBC workforce was essential. 

“There’s been incredible progress on screen but internally – and senior leadership is critical to this – progress and the speed of change has been slow,” he said.  

In conversation with Tim Davie | RTS Digital Convention 2020

Watch Tim Davie, the BBC’s Director-General, in conversation with Theresa Wise, RTS CEO.

This is Tim's first interview since being appointed the 17th Director-General of the BBC. 

Covering areas from audiences, diversity and inclusion, to the BBC internationally and online development, this is a comprehensive and exciting exploration of Tim’s vision for the future of the BBC.

The session is part of a number of online events from leading industry figures for RTS Digital Convention 2020, sponsored by YouTube.