BBC commissions new documentary Unvaccinated

Hannah Fry (Credit: BBC)

Covid-19 cases are rising again, putting more people at risk of serious health problems and even death. However, there are still five million adults in the UK who have not received a single vaccine dose. 

The virus has led to multiple lockdowns, more than 197,000 deaths and is now entering its fifth wave. 

Mathematician Hannah Fry was part of the team that worked on the data that helped the UK out of its first lockdown and wants to move past the headlines and find out what the nation really thinks and feels. 

Jamie Oliver to present new cooking series Together

Jamie Oliver: Together sees the chef share menus for those first meals with our loved ones since lockdown began.

From starters to sharing platters and delicious mains to devilish desserts, each of the four hour-long episodes will walk you through all the recipes you need for a hearty, stressless meal.

Along with all the food, Oliver will also share his top tips for setting the scene and ambience, and run through a selection of cocktails.

The recipes are drawn from Oliver’s new book, Together, which will be published in September 2021.

BBC Two commissions Horizon special Vaccine: The Inside Story

Given extensive access to leading research teams, including that of Pfizer/BioNTech, the Horizon special follows the global efforts at developing, trialling, manufacturing and distributing effective vaccines to fight the pandemic.

When news of the novel virus broke, elite scientists around the world sprung into action to tackle the biggest threat in the history of modern medicine. It required scope and speed never-before-seen, and the use of multiple new technologies.

What Hollywood got right about pandemic medics

More than 30 years ago, I sat in the St George’s Medical School library in Tooting, south London, contemplating a framed cowhide that belonged to a beast called Blossom. The hide came from the cow that the great 18th-century physician Edward Jenner, the founder of immunology, used in an experiment to demonstrate his vaccine against smallpox. Fast forward 33 years and here we are during a pandemic that will last for many months to come.