BBC commissions new documentary Unvaccinated

BBC commissions new documentary Unvaccinated

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Thursday, 7th July 2022
Hannah Fry (Credit: BBC)
Hannah Fry (Credit: BBC)

Professor Hannah Fry to host new BBC documentary Unvaccinated.

Covid-19 cases are rising again, putting more people at risk of serious health problems and even death. However, there are still five million adults in the UK who have not received a single vaccine dose. 

The virus has led to multiple lockdowns, more than 197,000 deaths and is now entering its fifth wave. 

Mathematician Hannah Fry was part of the team that worked on the data that helped the UK out of its first lockdown and wants to move past the headlines and find out what the nation really thinks and feels. 

Fry will bring seven unvaccinated people under one roof to understand more about their opinions, beliefs and fears that have stopped them from getting the vaccine. 

They will speak to leading experts to find out about the latest science and statistics and learn about the spread of misinformation on social media.

After the experiment, the unvaccinated participants will be asked if the information they have learnt has changed their mind, and if they will they now take the vaccine.

With more pandemics likely according to scientists even more vaccine rollouts are on the horizon, so what will it take for the unvaccinated to get their first covid vaccine. 

Unvaccinated will air on Wednesday 20 July at 9pm. 

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Professor Hannah Fry to host new BBC documentary Unvaccinated.