RTS Thames Valley explores how broadcasters are changing working practices

In late May, the BBC Academy’s Marc Settle explained how to turn a mobile phone into a complete newsgathering solution during an RTS Thames Valley webinar, “Get your mojo working!”

Opening with an online audience poll, Settle asked how many of his audience were using Android or Apple iOS mobile. Two thirds said iOS, one third Android. “This is the complete inverse of the general population. Out there in the real world it’s predominantly Android, but in media environments it’s much more iOS,” he said.

RTS East and BBC Academy host student training sessions

Run by the BBC Academy, the event aimed to give the students an insight into working in the broadcasting industry.

The morning session on mobile journalism, taken by MoJo guru Marc Settle, gave them the skills to go out into the city and shoot and edit a film entirely on their phones. Grabbing lunch on the go, the completed films were reviewed and a Best Film award given.