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RTS Thames Valley: Getting started in TV tech roles

Jonathan Glazier, studio multicamera director on shows that include Asia’s Got Talent and Million Pound Drop, advised the students to make their own content. “I started with a Super-8 camera [when] the filming and developing costs were very high, but now everybody has a mobile phone camera in their pocket,” he said.

Cinelab London founders stress the ongoing relevance of film in the 21st century

The duo were talking at an RTS Thames Valley event, “21st Century Film”, in December.

The demand for higher-quality content has led to a resurgence in film, which exceeds the current demands for dynamic range and resolution – while delivering a unique film aesthetic.

Employing a team of some 27 film enthusiasts, Slough-based Cinelab has processed in excess of three million feet of film in the past six months alone.

RTS Thames Valley Awards 2019

Tony Orme and Bob Clarke, CEO of Mama Youth Project (Credit: Matt Robbins)

“Without the heroic passion” shown by the event director of Olympia’s Media Production & Technology Show, said the judges, “it’s likely that to enjoy high-quality, world-class tradeshows, we here in the UK would have to travel to Amsterdam or Las Vegas”.

Mama Youth Project, which trains young people from under-represented backgrounds to succeed in the media industry, won the Community Improvement award. Over the past 12 years, the project has trained more than 520 people from schools, colleges and homeless refuges, as well as ex-offenders.

The technical evolution of TV is explored at Thames Valley

Television is experiencing a technical revolution in broadcast facilities. This new technology – video and audio over IP – uses computer networks to replace traditional broadcast infrastructures to deliver more flexibility and scalability for programme-makers.

Sports producers have already started to benefit from IP. Multiple cameras and microphones at events can be directly streamed into a centralised broadcast facility to increase the number of events covered. Scalable IP studios provide pay-as-you-go resources to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Specialists talk video compression at RTS Thames Valley

The V-Nova team, headed by CEO and co-founder Guido Meardi, welcomed the sell-out audience and outlined current compression options, new developments and upcoming standards.

Meardi introduced guest speaker Chris Pearman, remote production strategist and architect at Red Bee, who spoke about the growth and latest trends in remote-production. He discussed how V-Nova had helped the media services company to deliver an innovative 32-feed production set-up at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

How technology is enabling state-of-the-art television production

Diving deep into the technology, IMG Media head of engineering Bagnall gave a description of how IP (internet protocol) has changed the face of outside broadcasts, with SDI (serial digital interface) circuits being enhanced by IT communication. As well as providing a fully uncompressed service to traditional broadcasters, Bagnall demonstrated how OTT (over-the top) internet delivery was being achieved.

John Watkinson Christmas lecture

Watkinson is the author of technical television industry books such as The Art of Digital Video.

Leaving TV to one side, Watkinson discussed the seemingly apparent conflicts of religion and philosophy, and went on to demonstrate the importance of scientific rigour based on logically proven truths.

He warned: “Be permanently aware [that] you can mislead yourself. Science is a set of descriptions of how things are; science describes, it doesn’t explain.”

Derek Owen receives the RTS Pilgrim Award

Derek Owen took on the task of looking after the centre’s finances as Honorary Treasurer when it was founded in 1991 and served in that post until his retirement from the committee in 2016.

“I cannot think of many volunteers in the Society who have given so generously of their time, ideas and expertise as Derek. If you want to understand what is meant by ‘outstanding service’ then look no further than Derek,” said RTS Honorary Secretary David Lowen.

RTS Thames Valley Centre celebrates Inaugural Awards

Young Technologist winner Carys Hughes, Sky UK, with Tony Orme RTS TVC Chairman (Credit: Matt Robbins)

Online publishing platform The Broadcast Bridge won the Corporate Website award, with the judges acknowledging its outstanding contribution to the broadcast industry by generating more than 300 pages of specialised technical content every month. The runners up in this category were The Broadcast Knowledge and Boxer Systems.