Martin Clunes

Comfort Classic: Men Behaving Badly

Credit: BBC

All sitcoms have something to say about the eras they are made in, but few sum up an era so definitively as Men Behaving Badly, the no-­holds-barred slice of 1990s lad culture created and written by Simon Nye. 

Today, looking at this raucous tale of two best mates making complete, often drunken, idiots of themselves, it is tempting to dismiss Gary and Tony, played by Martin Clunes and Neil Morrissey, respectively, as disgustingly sexist bores short on social graces and big on schoolboy humour. 

New drama Manhunt II: The Night Stalker heads to ITV

Clunes will reprise his role as the former London Metropolitan Police detective, DCI Colin Sutton, this time in pursuit of a notorious serial rapist who has been terrorising elderly people in south east London for 17 years.

Based on Sutton’s real life diaries, the series will recount the steps he took to serve justice.

Writer Ed Whitmore also wrote the first series, which told the real life story of the murder Amelie Delagrange on Twickenham Green in 2004.

Doc Martin to end after upcoming 10th series

(credit: ITV)

The medical comedy drama first started in 2004, and stars Martin Clunes as the titular doctor.

Set in the fictional seaside village of Portwenn, the series follows the grouchy Cornish GP Dr Martin Ellingham as he learns that his bad-tempered bed side manner fails to impress the locals.

Doc Martin’s on-off love affair and eventual marriage to Louisa (Caroline Catz) won the hearts of fans, showing a rare tender side to the serious doctor who struggled to express his feelings.

Martin Clunes stars in new BBC One comedy Warren

The new original series centres around the egotistical and self-assured Warren, who thinks the world is out to get him. The six-part series was penned by up-and-coming writers Jimmy Donny Cosgrove and Paul McKenna.

Warren grapples against problems and misunderstandings of his own making which often have chaotic and disastrous consequences for those around him, but especially for himself.

Martin Clunes to star as lead detective in new ITV drama Manhunt

Manhunt will see Martin Clunes play Sutton, the lead detective on the investigation into the 2004 murder of Amelie Delagrange, which was eventually linked to the murders of Marsha McDonnell and the abduction and murder of Milly Dowler.

Amanda 'Milly' Dowler, a 13-year-old schoolgirl, was reported missing in March 2002, before her remains were found six months later in a woodland, while Marsha McDonnell died after being attacked near her home in London.