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Heartstopper first look images introduce fan-favourite graphic novel characters

Alice Oseman’s cult series of graphic novels returns to the screen for a third series, starring Joe Locke and Kit Connor as Charlie and Nick. The two high schoolers began as friends and soon moved into something more, dating through series two and building towards the big L word - although Charlie struggled to actually say it. The series two finale saw Nick come out the closet, understand the gravity of some of Charlie’s mental health issues, and Charlie type out ‘I love you’ and hover his fingers over the send button.

Heartstopper series two trailer teases next chapter of Charlie and Nick's love story

Heartstopper gained instant cult status last year as its dutiful retelling of Alice Oseman’s series of graphic novels encapsulated the gay, straight, lesbian and transgender high school experiences.

In the first series, 15-year-old Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) found himself falling for the ‘straight’ boy who sat next to him, Nick Nelson (Kit Connor). After a series of will-they-won’t-they moments and self-discovery for Nick, series one culminated with Nick coming out to his mother and the two becoming an official couple.

Heartstopper gets first look images of Nick Nelson’s family and more new characters

Heartstopper series one gathered instant popularity with its unashamed portrayal of gay, lesbian, and transgender teenagers all caught in the throes of growing up. Central characters Nick Nelson (Kit Connor) and Charlie Spring (Joe Locke) spent last series building their relationship, with the series culminating in Nick coming out to his mother.

In series two, Nick and Charlie will start figuring out what it means to be in a public relationship, go on a school trip to Paris and look towards the all-important prom.

Heartstopper series two release date announced

Kit Connor and Joe Locke smiling at each other with cartoon leaves

The coming-of-age romantic comedy stars Kit Connor (Rocketman) and Joe Locke (Agatha: Coven of Chaos) as Nick Nelson and Charlie Spring, teenage boys who begin an unlikely high school friendship before it blossoms into love.

Series two will see a school trip to Paris, stressful exams, and the all-important prom.

Netflix’s queer coming-of-age hit Heartstopper begins production on series 2

Joe Locke and Kit Connor

Based on Alice Oseman’s best-selling graphic novels of the same name, Heartstopper follows the close high school friendship between Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) that blossoms into a burgeoning romance.

All lead cast members will return for series two, including Kit Connor, Joe Locke, Yasmin Finney, William Gao, Corinna Brown, Kizzy Edgell, Sebastian Croft, Tobie Donovan, Rhea Norwood and Jenny Walser.