Heartstopper series three

Heartstopper first look images introduce fan-favourite graphic novel characters

Alice Oseman’s cult series of graphic novels returns to the screen for a third series, starring Joe Locke and Kit Connor as Charlie and Nick. The two high schoolers began as friends and soon moved into something more, dating through series two and building towards the big L word - although Charlie struggled to actually say it. The series two finale saw Nick come out the closet, understand the gravity of some of Charlie’s mental health issues, and Charlie type out ‘I love you’ and hover his fingers over the send button.

Production begins for Heartstopper series three

Alice Oseman’s hugely successful LGBTQ+ graphic novels gained instant popularity as a television series when released by Netflix back in 2020, with its portrayal of gay, lesbian and transgender teenagers resonating around the globe.

Main characters Nick (Kit Connor) and Charlie (Joe Locke) have gone from on-again-off-again flirtations and Nick’s coming out the closet, to going public with their relationship and almost saying those all-important three words in series two’s finale.