It's a Sin

Omari Douglas on It’s A Sin, working with Russell T Davies and discovering Britain’s historic queer trailblazers

Omari Douglas (credit: Phil Sharp)

At drama school, Douglas and his friends would make a big event of watching Cucumber, Russell T Davies’ exploration of 21st cenutry gay life. Now, the theatre actor has landed his first ever TV role as one of the lead characters in Davies’ explosive new drama, It’s A Sin, and he couldn’t be more excited.

“It’s Russell T Davies, he has such an iconic body of work,” he effuses. “And, of course, we're representing a very important community at a very important time. So, it's a huge, huge honour to have been a part of it.”

Alex Mahon: fearlessly being 4

Ask Alex Mahon to name the best bits about her job and without hesitation she says it’s when outstanding programmes receive the recognition they deserve. It could be a breakthrough comedy such as Derry Girls or Russell T Davies’s bittersweet It’s a Sin – or the recent Cannes Grand Prix winner, Film4’s The Zone of Interest, Jonathan Glazer’s German-language Holocaust film based on the Martin Amis novel.

Working Lives: Editor Sarah Brewerton

What does the job involve?

I take all the material the director shoots and figure out how to tell the story in the most compelling and emotionally gripping way. There’s this misunderstanding that an editor’s job is simply to cut out the bad bits; it’s the opposite – you’re actually building something.

What editing software do you use?

I started just after the transition from film and I’ve always used Avid.

Do you regret missing out on film?

Helena Bonham Carter to star in Russell T Davies’ new Noele Gordon drama

The series will explore the powerful reign and fall from grace of Gordon, the soap star and Queen of the Midlands.

Gordon became one of the most famous people in Britain playing the flame-haired widow Meg Richardson in the long-running soap opera, Crossroads.

But in 1981, at her and the show’s peak of success, she was fired without warning nor any explanation, despite appearing on it for 18 years.

Privatising Channel 4 is back on the agenda

Credit: Channel 4

On 18 November 1996, Hansard noted a parliamentary question from John Whittingdale, MP for Maldon: “Will my Hon Friend congratulate Channel 4 on its success in avoiding recourse to the ‘safety net’ and on making a profit last year of £128m? Does that not demonstrate that it is possible for Channel 4 to meet its remit and to operate commercially? Will he therefore consider its privatisation at the first opportunity?” 

Russell T Davies on the sober art of sharing joy

For a show that took six years and multiple knock-backs before it hit our screens, It’s a Sin is a formidable reminder of the power of TV drama.

The series follows a group of gay friends during the Aids crisis of the 1980s, and earlier this year became All 4’s biggest ever show when it was watched by 18.9 million viewers.

Viewers were drawn in by Russell T Davies’s compelling story and his finely crafted characters, whom we couldn’t help but feel invested in.

It's a Sin Masterclass

An It's a Sin masterclass with writer Russell T Davies OBE, executive producer Nicola Shindler and Channel 4 commissioner Lee Mason.

The masterminds behind the iconic series discuss the making of It's a Sin and share tips on how you can take your life experiences and put them on screen.

Chaired by comedian and presenter, Kemah Bob.