Working Lives: Live event director

Glastonbury Festival: Live at Worthy Farm (credit: BBC)

What does the job involve? 

It varies hugely, depending on the film, but, for the majority of projects, I’m required to capture a performance, multi-camera, as it happens, in a single take, without a formal rehearsal.  

Sounds exciting but also terrifying. 

The atmosphere at a gig is amazing. You can feel the anticipation of the crowd building and you’ve often only got one chance to capture what they’re about to watch. But if you’ve done your homework, you’re ready for it.  

How big is your camera team? 

This week's top TV: 20 - 26 June



Channel 4


Antoine de Caunes and Jean Paul Gaultier return to British television almost ten years after the original series of Eurotrash last aired. The comic duo take an irreverent look at European fashion, art, music, and, most significanlty, politics. Three days before the EU referendum, there is no better way to  remember what it means to be part of the continent.

RTS Student Masterclass: Sound

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TV sound engineers are used to keeping a low profile. Only if something goes amiss do the people responsible for the sound emerge from the shadows. Paradoxically, minus the sound track a TV show would be unwatchable.  

This point was made by the two veterans delivering an RTS Craft Skills Masterclass on sound, Chris Ashworth, Production Sound Mixer, and Mike Felton, Sound Designer.

“You only get shouted at when things go wrong,” Felton observed. “Sound is a masochist’s job. Basically you do it for your own satisfaction.”