Watch: 'Social media muscles in on TV' event highlights

The panel spoke about working with storytellers who make creative content, how each platform thrives in the digital landscape and how user-generated content is incremental to television.

YouTube's Senior director Stephen Nuttall, Twitter’s UK Managing Director, Dara Nasr and Facebook’s Director of Media Partnerships, Patrick Walker all took part in the event.

Read the full event report here.

Event Report: Social media muscles in on TV

“Television is amazingly resilient. It’s always been good at seizing the opportunities that new technology brings,” said YouTube’s Stephen Nuttall at the RTS early evening event in late-November, “Social media muscles in on TV”.

“Some of the greatest innovators on social media are the television companies,” added Twitter’s UK Managing Director, Dara Nasr.

Over the past year or so, online video has become hugely important to social media companies.

Fox launches new series on Facebook Live

This is the first time a broadcaster in the UK has done this, with the show being made available in 61 countries across Europe and Africa, as well as in the US.

“By partnering with Facebook, we are giving the fans the chance to watch the new show at the same time across Europe and Africa," said Fox Networks Group, Europe and Africa chief operating officer Diego Londono. 

"We are proud to be partnering with Facebook to create a real TV event on such a huge scale.”

Five virtual reality headsets to look out for in 2016

Oculus Rift, Facebook, Release, Oculus Touch

2016 is looking like it could be a big year for Virtual Reality as the technology becomes ever more accessible. The Google Cardboard frame which allowed users to turn their smart phone into a VR headset was a fun and affordable toy, however the VR revolution is beginning in earnest next year. We have gathered five of the top VR headsets, set for release in 2016.

NAB 2015: To the Internet and Beyond

1. Why your TV should talk to your toaster: connected-TV and the 'internet of things'

One of the big draws at television technology shows such as NAB in Las Vegas is the "living room of the future", with its wall-filling, multi-image, interactive TV screen. Such "wallpaper displays" are still, largely, mock-ups, not demonstrations of real services.

But the "internet of things" (IoT) – the multiplication of connected devices, body-worn sensors and Cloud data services – could soon make such TVs a reality.