Climate Change

BBC launches a new talent search for young climate reporters

Credit: BBC

The unique training and mentorship opportunity is open for 18-24 year-olds, in a bid to put young voices at the centre of climate reporting and help develop and nurture diverse new talent. 

The BBC is on the hunt for young talented storytellers who want to work in the media and will become part of the popular Young Reporter programme. 

The 22 successful applicants will take part in a series of workshops and receive expert coaching from BBC staff on storytelling and will be given practical steps on how to pursue a career in journalism. 

Our Friend in the West: Wendy Darke warns that the natural world is at risk

Wendy Darke

There was a moment when I realised that everything had changed. I’d sent a team to the Arctic to attempt to paddle the world’s largest fjord system two months earlier than would have been possible at the start of my career – because all the ice had melted.

Over 30 years, I’ve had a front-row seat as our rapidly changing climate pushes the natural world to the brink of collapse.

Seven Worlds, One Planet: The message in the magic

Behind the scenes of Seven Worlds, One Planet (Credit: BBC)

From the opening moments of Seven Worlds, One Planet we know that we’re in safe hands. Orchestral strings soar as a deserted, sun­dappled beach comes into view. Sir David Attenborough strides out across the sand, a big, warm coat the only concession to his 93 years.

With his unique authority, he introduces a montage of images drawn from seven continents to give us hints of the emotion-stirring, jaw-dropping stories to come. It is immediately clear that, once again, both Sir David and the BBC’s Natural History Unit have excelled themselves.