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John Watkinson on Helicopters – RTS-TVC Christmas Lecture

These are just a few of the questions answered by industry guru John Watkinson as he takes us on a deep and insightful journey of helicopter design at this year’s RTS-TVC Christmas Lecture on Wednesday 13th December, 7pm, Pincents Manor, Reading.

The theory and dynamics of helicopter flight are complex. But in his no-nonsense plain-speaking style Watkinson will de-mystify the concepts of rotary flight, and explain in lay-man’s terms how a helicopter operates.


With over 40 award wins it is one of the most decorated children’s shows of all time - four successive BAFTA’s and a Prix Jeunesse for best children’s show of the last 50 years

Join us for an evening with the creators of Horrible Histories - the producers, historians, writers, composers, and stars - as they talk us through what makes the show so unique, and what has kept it running into its 7th series. With plenty of discussion and clips to illustrate.


We have two very well connected speakers, one from a Corporate IT outsource company (Ramsac) and the other from one of the UK’s major broadcasters (Arqiva).

Robert May will discuss the subject from the Corporate Network aspect, covering all essential good practice and encouraging us to prepare for GDPR, which will be law on May 25, 2018. (feel free to edit)

RTS Cambridge Review

The session is chaired by Tabitha Elwes - Head of Media, CIL Management Consultants
Panellists include: 
Lucy Aitkens - Head of Public Affairs, Sky
Alex Stepney - Senior Public Affairs Manager, Virgin Media .
Toby Syfret - Director of TV Research, Enders Analysis

IBC Review 2017 - in association with the IET

Kate Bulkley will chair our panel of experts, who will guide you through the fifteen halls of exhibitions across the RAI with the pick of the 1,700 exhibitors spanning the creation, management and delivery of electronic media and entertainment. In addition you'll get the overview of the hottest sessions and timely topics featured in the Conference which this year had more than 90 sessions, 5 Streams, and 400+ Speakers.

IBC Review

Did you go to IBC this year? Never mind if you missed it.

Come to the joint meeting with the RTS Thames Valley and Southern Centres when you will be able to catch up on all the highlights with our panel of distinguished attendees.

Wednesday 4th October IBC at the QMC at Basingstoke in the Central Studio.

1900 to 1930 Tea and Coffee and light refreshments .

Panel discussion from 1930 to 2100 which includes questions and answers from the floor.

More details and panel members to be announced shortly

*Over 18's only for security purposes

IBC Review

Wednesday 4th October IBC  at the QMC at Basingstoke in the Central Studio. 1900 to 1930 Tea and Coffee and light refreshments . Panel discussion from 1930 to 2100  which includes questions and answers from the floor.


Broadcasters, platform operators, giant social media companies, telecoms companies – they all share the still large sums of money flowing from those who consume media on the many screen devices.

So who’s on the up, who’s going down? What’s the ultimate effect of the online revolution? Which sectors have the best plan for the future?  Who’s coming up with the ideas that will spell success and revenue in the years to come?