Thames Valley

Production Focus: Portrait Artist of the Week

This is the story of how the flagship Sky Arts show, Portrait Artist of the Year, pivoted to reinvent itself for an audience under lockdown and has created a global live paint-a-long..

Each week a celebrity sits for an invited artist to paint their portrait on a live Facebook stream that now plays to a worldwide audience.  The show is inspirational and  regularly gets over 2,000 submissions from the viewers of their own portraits of the celebrity.

In this YouTube live streamed event, presenter Joan Bakewell and the team behind PAOTW reveal all…


Join RTS Fellow and Chairman of the DTG, Simon Fell, in this joint RTS London and Digital Television Group event.  

Simon and his panel of industry experts will discuss the home entertainment technology that’s available to audiences today to make their viewing experience the best it can be under lockdown, and also look at what’s coming next.

They will discuss lockdown TV tech such as Next Gen Audio, voice recognition, 4K, 8K, and much more.

The audience will be able to suggest questions for the panel to address in this live online event.


Get your MoJo Working! Mobile Journalism in today’s environment

Mobile Journalism had already created a stir, if not a revolution in the TV journalist community, add to that COVID-19 and challenges of social distancing, and the whole way of working is constantly changing. This rapidly evolving landscape means that people are continually working on what the way forward might be and seeking answers to the new challenges as they arise. 

How To Survive in Streaming

From Disney+ to HBO Max, Peacock to AppleTV+, everyone is trying to get in on the streaming wars, yet with so many major SVOD services on the market in 2020, it’s becoming harder to find unique ways to really stand out and drive subscriptions against the established players like Netflix and Amazon. 

Protecting Our TV Heritage

Two years ago, RTS London and FOCAL International delivered a joint session called “Future Past: Will Archives Survive Digitisation?” which looked at the impact of technology change on the need to gather, preserve and re-use TV content. We promised to revisit the issues on a regular basis to report on progress made, and the impact of new developments; for example, the maturing use of Artificial Intelligence and its relationship with human cataloguing expertise.

The Future of TV

As we embark upon the new decade, we bring together a multifarious panel to look at their TV tea leaves, gaze into their crystal balls and read the runes to bring us their visions of the future of TV over the next few years!

Getting Started in Television Tech Roles

RTS TVC & the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) are proud to present on 3rd March 2020
‘Getting Started in Television Tech Roles’
Film and television have so many roles off-screen that go into making a production from camera, sound, post-production etc. Our prestigious panel will reveal just what it takes to make it in a technical role and forge a successful television career.