What’s On TV This Week: 19th June – 25th June

What’s On TV This Week: 19th June – 25th June

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Monday, 19th June 2023
The Bear (Credit: HBO)

Jayde Adams turns call centre worker in her new comedy, Samuel L. Jackson returns to the MCU as Nick Fury and The Bear is back for more kitchen chaos.

Dr Death


Channel 4, 10.00pm

Based on the hit true crime podcast of the same name, this drama recounts the uncovering of Dr Death, otherwise known as Christopher Duntsch (Joshua Jackson), a surgeon who killed two of his patients and left over 30 with permanent neural damage after they came in for routine spinal surgery.

When suspicion arises over Duntsch’s dodgy medical practices, two fellow doctors played by Christian Slater (Mr. Robot) and Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) set out to discover whether Duntsch’s victims are a result of malpractice or sociopathy.

Secret Invasion



A continuation of the Marvel movie franchise, Secret Invasion sees Samuel L Jackson (Django Unchained) reprise his character Nick Fury, the former director of the agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Fury has been living in deep space after the death of his colleagues in Avengers: Endgame, but is now forced to come back to earth as he faces a challenge he believes only he can fix.

A rebel group of the shape-shifting extra-terrestrial ‘Skrulls’ are trying to commandeer planet Earth. Alongside MI6 agent Sonya Falsworth (Olivia Colman), Fury will go in for one last fight, all the while knowing that anyone around him could be a Skrull masquerading as an ally.

Ruby Speaking



Ruby Speaking (Credit: ITVX)

Comedian Jayde Adams (Greatest Days) stars in a comedy based on her time working in a call centre. Ruby (Adams) is newly single and lives in constant risk of losing her job, despite being the life and soul of her south Bristol-based call centre.

She struggles to stick to her script, and instead of selling broadband packages she finds herself offering therapy to clients on the other end of the phone. When Hellocom is paid a visit by the new area manager, Vicki (Katherine Kelly), Ruby is forced to make a single sale to rescue herself and her colleagues.

The Bear (series 2)


Disney +

After chef Carmy’s (Jeremy Allen White) brother took his own life and left his beef sandwich shop behind, Carmy decided to take over ‘The Beef’ whilst still reeling from the grief. Even without such an emotional toll, running a restaurant isn’t easy, and so it led Carmy into a series of outbursts at his friends and sous chefs.

‘The Beef’ closed at the end of series one, and series two will see the preparation for ‘The Bear’, the rebirth of the former sandwich shop. Carmy and his sous-chef Sydney (Ayo Edebiri) will be hiring new staff, drafting new plans, and creating their ‘thoughtful chaos menu’, all the while still recovering from his brother's suicide and continuing to better his mental health. 

Not Going Out (series 13)


BBC One, 9.00pm

Not Going Out (Credit: BBC)

Comedian Lee Mack’s sitcom alter ego, also named Lee, will continue on a stream of misadventures in Not Going Out’s 13th series. Lee finds himself in the centre of the drama when the wife of his best friend Toby (Hugh Dennis) begins taking out-of-character Italian lessons.

This leads Lee to believe she is cheating on his pal, and that he should be the one who finds out the details and breaks the news. Other mishaps include a mysterious beeping noise ruining a nice meal, and a stranger on the train causing Lee to transform into a mini-Poirot.

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Jayde Adams turns call centre worker in her new comedy, Samuel L. Jackson returns to the MCU as Nick Fury and The Bear is back for more kitchen chaos.