Ruby Speaking

RTS West of England gets first look at Jayde Adams' new Bristolian comedy Ruby Speaking

Co-creator and lead actor Jayde Adams may have been nervous about showing it to her home audience, but it is fair to say that the sitcom went down a treat. “You were great,” Adams said to the audience. “I mean, I was better, but you were brilliant. Thank you.”

Lucy Lumsden, executive producer and MD of ­Yellow Door Productions, approached Adams about making a show seven years ago. “I was very lucky to spot Jayde, and it really was a kind of epiphany moment, of just feeling that Jayde’s got a magic touch,” she said.

Our Friend in Bristol: Lynn Barlow

You will have spotted the rise in Bristol voices entertaining us on TV – Stephen Merchant’s The Outlaws, Daisy May Cooper in Rain Dogs and, airing this month, Ruby Speaking, co-created by and starring Jayde Adams.

They share more than just the vernacular and location. All three series are warmly wrapped in empathy for their characters’ less-than-straight­forward lifestyles and draw strongly on the colourful and complicated city itself.