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Sounding off: Inaudible dialogue is rife among dramas

The recent controversy over poor-quality sound on the hit BBC One show Happy Valley has once again focused senior TV executives’ minds on the problem of inaudible dialogue in drama.

Last month, BBC Controller of TV Channels Charlotte Moore pledged to tackle the “big issue” of sound. She added that it was “incredibly hard to get to the bottom of where things go wrong”. She explained she had introduced a new set of best-practice guidelines to help avoid future problems with inadequate audio.

Pat Younge's TV Diary

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Start the week reviewing Sugar Films’ cash flow and trying to get my head around a new accounting software system. Any of my former CFOs will know that I wasn’t put on planet Earth to do this, but I plough on gamely.

One of the things I discover is that the BBC pitch system doesn’t tell you when a commissioner has been made redundant. So an idea that I thought must be getting lots of consideration has actually been languishing, lonely and unread, in a dead Dropbox on the BBC server. Note to self – don’t take it personally.

Tips in 60 Seconds... How to be a make up designer

RTS award-winner Jacqueline Fowler has designed make up and hair for a range of films and television series including Hunger, Poldark and War and Peace.

It's her job to come up with the overall look for a cast's make up and hair, and to work with her artists to produce this look on set.

Here Jacqueline explains why it's so important to practice if you want to get a job likes hers.