Clive Myrie to hit the road in Italy for new BBC travel series

Myrie has been holidaying in Italy for over 30 years, but this 15-part series will allow him to dive deeper into the country.

Travelling through cities, coast and countryside, Myrie will immerse himself in Italian culture, swapping health tips with locals in a hot spring in Lazio, competing in the Tiramisu World Cup and singing in a Capri nightclub.

Grayson Perry to explore Englishness for new Channel 4 travelogue

Grayson Perry: This England (working title) will see the artist search for objects, art, design, fashion, pop culture pieces, personal mementos, family heirlooms and memorabilia to help him create his own interpretation of what it means to be English.

Perry will collect these objects from the people he meets along the way, before displaying them in an exhibition at a prestigious gallery alongside his own works of art.

Grayson Perry says the inspiration for the series came from "all the talk about identity these days."

BBC Four renews Raiders of The Lost Past With Dr Janina Ramirez

Dr Ramirez will once again follow in the footsteps of the greatest explorer-archaeologists around the world in search of hallowed ancient sites.

The second series will visit the southern fjords of Norway to find the Oseberg Viking Ship, the Greek island of Crete to reveal the truth behind the myth of the minotaur and the Konya Plain of Turkey to explore the world’s oldest city.

Channel 4 commissions new travelogue series with Rosie Jones

Exploring the UK in all its eccentric glory, Jones will set out to prove the power of minority and a good sense of humour over a big budget when it comes to travel.

Semi-scripted, the series begins with Jones having to abandon her global, luxurious travel plans, before convincing Channel 4 to adapt conceptually to Covid-19 and its constraints.

Instead, each episode a celebrity guest will join Jones in a different location within the UK, sniffing out adventures in both the city and the country.