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What makes it to our screens, whether large or small, trickles out to influence the national psyche. In particular, this affects young ­people’s views on everything from diversity to their own self-image. Con­sciously or unconsciously, they absorb opinions and beliefs based on what they see in films and on television.

Fabio Murra on mobile TV technology

Using industry reports, Murra – who is SVP product and marketing at video compression outfit V-Nova ­– illustrated the massive expansion in streaming.

Netflix has increased its subscriber numbers from 22 million in 2005 to 100 million in 2017, he revealed. Even more impressively, gaming platform Twitch, which is only five years old, has built a subscriber base of 100 million.

Thames Valley NAB 2017 Review

With little to differentiate it from last year, NAB, which took place at the end of April, was reckoned to have generated little buzz. The inevitable IP revolution is in full swing but old news, argued the panel.

It added that Ultra-HD seems to be driven by marketing whims rather than good engineering principles.

IP distribution and workflow efficiencies, particularly with relevance to the future of broadcast engineers, dominated the discussion at the RTS event.

HDR Throws Away the SDR Technical Rulebook

Firmly putting historic technical myths and legends to rest, Boon, Dolby-Europe director and broadcast systems architect, methodically dissected the assumptions engineers have been making for the past 50 years.

Modern video monitors with 19 stops of range now outclass SDR systems, requiring SDR to be re-defined. HDR, wide gamut, colour space, display mapping and bit depths have all been revisited with Dolby one of the industry leaders in the HDR revolution.