Pinewood Studios

Our Friend in the Thames Valley

What makes it to our screens, whether large or small, trickles out to influence the national psyche. In particular, this affects young ­people’s views on everything from diversity to their own self-image. Con­sciously or unconsciously, they absorb opinions and beliefs based on what they see in films and on television.

Pinewood Studios set to launch UK Screen Hub featuring film inspired visitor attraction

The new hub will be based at their Buckinghamshire site and will sit on a 77-acre plot adjacent to the existing studio, famous for the global franchises Star Wars and James Bond.

The Screen hub will include a 350,000 sq. ft film inspired visitor attraction called Pinewood Studio Experience, brand new film production opportunities, an educational training and skills hub, a creative industries business growth hub, all topped off with a green campus.

RTS Futures tour of Pinewood Studios

Credit: Phil Lewis

The sold-out tour featured the complex’s world-famous Underwater Stage, post facilities and the TV studios where many of the UK’s top TV sitcoms and panel shows are shot.

Head of television Sarah McGettigan, who hosted the tour, offered advice to the RTS Futures visitors starting out on a career in telly: “Make yourself useful, and be interested; you can never ask too many questions.”