Taskmaster: Top ten tasks

Taskmaster: Top ten tasks

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Sunday, 15th December 2019
Greg Davies and Alex Horne (Credit: UKTV)
Greg Davies and Alex Horne (Credit: UKTV)

Taskmaster has entertained viewers with it’s weird and wonderful tasks over the last nine series. 

Created and written by comedian Alex Horne, the series stars Greg Davies as the Taskmasterwith Horne acting as Davies’ assistant and umpire during the tasks.

Each series, five contestants compete each week to score the highest mark on the bizarre tasks set by the Taskmaster.

Taskmaster originally aired on Dave, but will make the move to Channel 4 in 2020 following a new six series deal. 

With over 200 tasks to date so far, here is a roundup of some of our favourites.


Roisin Conaty attempts to move a large boulder (series one) 

The task that caused a lot of trouble for Roisin Conaty required contestants to get a large boulder as far away from the Taskmaster’s house as possible. Conaty had the idea to ring a courier to get them to take it away, but no courier was available in the time frame and she only managed to roll it 300 yards, earning her just one point.


Sausage or finger? (series seven)

For the last live task of series seven, contestants had to prod the person in front of them with either their finger or a sausage. If the prodded person guessed incorrectly what they have been prodded with they were eliminated, with the last person standing winning all the points.


Exotic sandwich (series four)

The series four contestants were asked to make the most exotic sandwich they could in a two-part task. Noel Fielding tied slices of bread to Alex Horne and got him to do a sexy dance/striptease for his exotic sandwich, while Mel Giedroyc created a sandwich with multiple layers of chocolate and marshmallows. The surprise second part of the task was to eat the exotic sandwich, which led to Giedroyc getting an M&M stuck up her nose and Fielding eating part of Horne’s beard.


Three Blind Mice music video (series two)

Jon Richardson showed his dark side with a disturbing rendition of Three Blind Mice in a task that required contestants to create a video to go with a classic nursery rhyme. Richardson chose a bloodier version of the classic and dressed up as a woman who had appeared to have eaten the mice.  


Rhod Gilbert's creepy video of Greg Davies (series seven)

For each prize task of series seven, Rhod Gilbert brought in unflattering photos of Greg Davies each week, no matter what the task. This also included a short film of him hiding in the Davies’ wardrobe and filming him while he slept.


Ed Gamble's most striking water feature (series nine) 

When contestants were given the task to make the most striking water feature, Ed Gamble got Alex Horne to dress up as a mermaid and used a hose to squirt water out of fake cone nipples.


Nish Kumar and Mark Watson's Taskonbury song (series five)

For a team task, Nish Kumar and Mark Watson were paired together to write and perform a song about a woman called Rosalind. Their song was so popular it even received a standing ovation.


James Acaster's live version of Grand Theft Auto (series seven)

James Acaster was awarded top marks of five points for the task to recreate a classic computer game. Acaster recreated a live version of Grand Theft Auto, which proved to be impressively realistic.


Rob Beckett scares Alex (series three)

One of the tasks required contestants to surprise Alex when he emerged from a shed after one hour, Rob Beckett chose to dress up as an old woman and spray Alex with hose while cackling.


Buy the best present for the Taskmaster for £20 (series one) 

When contestants were given the task to buy a gift for the Taskmaster with £20, Josh Widdicombe took it very seriously when he decided to tattoo Greg’s name onto his foot. His total commitment to the task won him five points and a permanent reminder of his time on the show.

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Taskmaster has entertained viewers with it’s weird and wonderful tasks over the last nine series.