HDR Throws Away the SDR Technical Rulebook

Firmly putting historic technical myths and legends to rest, Boon, Dolby-Europe director and broadcast systems architect, methodically dissected the assumptions engineers have been making for the past 50 years.

Modern video monitors with 19 stops of range now outclass SDR systems, requiring SDR to be re-defined. HDR, wide gamut, colour space, display mapping and bit depths have all been revisited with Dolby one of the industry leaders in the HDR revolution.

Event Report: What exactly is Ultra HD?

The two engineers offered an overview of TV formats, from the beginning of television through to the latest research and proposed standards for the new digital video format, Ultra-HD.

The presentation, which was hosted by Queen Mary College, Basingstoke, covered not only putting extra pixels on screen, but also making them “better pixels”. “We should be trying to make television look like real life,” said Salmon.

As well as higher resolution images, ultra-HD TV also looks to offer higher dynamic range and improved audio.