Sinead Burke

Twenty per cent: TV's need to improve representation and inclusion of disabled people

Screenwriter Jack Thorne’s deeply affecting MacTaggart lecture in August left the UK TV industry painfully aware of its failings over the employment and representation of disabled people. The RTS Cambridge session “Twenty per cent” – the proportion of the UK population who are disabled – was therefore particularly timely.

Twenty Percent with Sinéad Burke, Alicia Dalrymple, David Proud & Briony May Williams​ | RTS Cambridge Convention 2021

Disabled people make up 20% of the population in the UK and yet are still the most underrepresented in our industry. In this session, Sinéad Burke, Alicia Dalrymple, David Proud and Briony May Williams discuss the progress made in representation of disabled people in the industry so far, the shifts needed to increase representation and discuss how inclusion should be normalised in the industry.