Nick Mohammed

“I sit in a hot tub and let the bubbles inspire me”: Alex Horne and Greg Davies on 17 series of Taskmaster

Greg Davies sits next to Alex Horne

But when the duo Zoomed in from a press day in New York — testament to its trans-Atlantic, if not global appeal — there were no signs of a mutiny. The long-suffering sidekick still knew his place.

Read on to hear the true source of Horne’s boundless inspiration for task devising, and a disgruntled Davies ruing his breakfast order.

You’re 17 series in, how has your relationship evolved over the series?

Greg Davies and Alex Horne: Hmm…

New Ted Lasso gets release date as first look hints at showdown

Apple also posted the first image from the series, which sees Ted (Jason Sudeikis) face off with Nate (Nick Mohammed) at West Ham, the club owned by AFC Richmond's owner Rebecca Welton's (Hannah Waddingham) vindictive ex-husband Rupert (Anthony Head), who watches on in the background. It's captioned: "Time to win the whole f***ing thing."

The tense meeting looks to follow on from the events of series two's finale, which saw a frustrated Nate shock fans by switching allegiances from Richmond to West Ham.