BBC announces third and final series of Ladhood

Credit: BBC

In the final series of Ladhood, Liam (Oscar Kennedy) finds himself on the precipice of adulthood as he comes to the end of his time at sixth form.

The six-part series will see Liam look to the future as he contemplates a place at a top university. 

However, to get there he has to excel at his interview, ace his exams and not get distracted by the more fun activities his friends Ralph (Samuel Bottomley), Addy (Aquib Khan) and Craggy (Shaun Thomas) are taking part in.

Filming begins on the second series of Ladhood

Credit: BBC

From writer, actor and comedian Liam Williams, Ladhood explores the highs and lows of teenage life.

Williams explores the roots and realities of modern-day masculinity by looking at his own memories of a misspent adolescence.   

Series two will follow a teenage Williams (Oscar Kennedy), with his best mates Ralph (Samuel Bottomley), Addy (Aquib Khan) and Craggy (Shaun Thomas), tackle the fun and hardships of being a teenager in a Leeds suburb in the early noughties.