Our Friend in Yorkshire: Lisa Holdsworth

Lisa Holdsworth (credit: The Haworth Agency)

If you look at the schedules, it would be reasonable to assume that everyone in Yorkshire goes about their day-to-day life followed by a camera crew. It seems we have every profession covered, including vets, farmers, midwives, shepherdesses, auctioneers and airport workers.

In addition, Yorkshire continues to inspire writers like me to write shows such as Gentleman Jack, Ackley Bridge, Hullraisers, Happy Valley and, of course, Emmerdale, which recently celebrated 50 years of being filmed in the region.

Channel 4 to raise hell again with second series of Hullraisers

The announcement comes after the first series of Lucy Beaumont’s chaotic comedy celebrating northern working class women was widely acclaimed.

Centred on the tight-knit trio of Toni (Leah Brotherhead), Paula (Sinead Matthews) and Rana (Taj Atwal), Hullraisers explored their hilarious and agonising lives as they juggled work, kids, friendships and families. Series two will see them step into bright new chapters while they fight to keep everything the same.