All 4 to stream Iris Prize Best British Short films

Wings (credit: Jamie Weston and Carla Fraser)

Supported by Film4, the Iris Prize’s shortlisted films explore the wide ranging and diverse experiences of the LGBT+ community in contemporary Britain, from childhood to old age, metropolitan to rural.

With tales of self-discovery and belonging, falling in and out of love and exploring the personal battles won and lost, the selected films will leave viewers in tears, laughter or with a sense of hope.

Three Billboards and beyond: Film4 adapts for the age of streaming

Daniel Battsek landed the Film4 top job in July 2016. His friend David Abraham, then Chief Executive of Channel 4, had brought him in to spearhead the broadcaster’s feature-film strategy.

But less than a year after Battsek arrived, Abraham announced that he was leaving. In the ensuing management changes, former Shine Group CEO Alex Mahon was hired to replace Abraham. Battsek, flush with the success of Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, is unfazed by the shake-up.

Film4 ups the stakes

When Film4 chief David Kosse announced plans to stand down, the UK film industry didn’t, at first, take him seriously. And it wasn’t just because the news broke on April Fool’s Day.

Just a few weeks previously, ­Channel 4 CEO David Abraham had secured the green light from his board to significantly bolster the film unit’s budget from £15m to £25m for 2016.