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Matt Berry sitcom among new Channel 4 commissions

Year of the Rabbit features Detective Inspector Rabbit (Berry), a reckless heavy-drinking (Victorian) London cop, and his hapless ineffectual partner, played by Freddie Fox (Cucumber, Parade’s End).

While the pair investigate a local murder, the tough-talking and insightful adoptive daughter of the chief of police (Susan Wokoma – Chewing Gum, Crazyhead) joins them – incidentally becoming the nation’s first female officer.

Angela Jain: Follow the job, not the money

Angela Jain in conversation with Boyd Hilton

Why a career in TV is for everyone

“It’s important to demystify television and make you realise that TV is a great place to work…

“As a second generation British-born Indian no one in my family had ever worked in the media before. Of my siblings two are lawyers and one is an environmental scientist.

“Ideally my folks would have liked me to be a good Asian doctor but I’m afraid I wasn’t bright enough. I was quite musical but my parents didn’t want me to do anything that was to do with the creative businesses.