European Broadcasting Union

PSB on the rack in Europe

Backs to the wall: France Télévisions co-production Germinal (credit: France Télévisions)

There is a sea change afoot across European public service broadcasting (PSB). Alongside the ongoing tumult that surrounds the future of the BBC and Channel 4, several continental European PSBs have recently undergone significant reforms to their funding models. All this comes at a time when they face an intensifying battle for eyeballs and production resources with predominantly US-based streaming giants. 

Report finds TV trusted above social media and the internet

A leading body in the world's public service broadcasters, the EBU's Media Intelligence Service regularly carries out research into media practices and new developments in the broadcasting industry on behalf of its international members.

The report 'Trust in Media 2016' used a net trust index compiled using a media trust survey ranking of each participating country and aimed to reveal more about public perceptions of media organisations and their output. EBU members then use this information in audience building and strategic planning.