Digital Production Partnership

Personalisation of content for the consumer is going to be key, says the DPP

“There’s so much content and it’s in so many places. Finding a way of navigating, aggregating and personalising that content for the consumer is going to be key,” said Helen Stevens, ITV’s operations officer, content supply & distribution and Chair of the DPP.

Rowan de Pomerai, the DPP’s chief technology officer, added: “Voice search and aggregated watch lists will start to become really important to the way consumers navigate media.”

He called on “content and technology companies to work together”.

The Interoperable Master Format – a thing of dark mystery or one of simple beauty?

RTS Thames Valley, the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and the Digital Production Partnership hosted the well-attended event, which heard presentations from Bruce Devlin, VP standards at SMPTE; Steve Fish, VP media and technology architecture at Turner Broadcasting; and Andy Lampard, research and development head at Motion Picture Solutions.