A full-time hobby: how to succeed in interactive design

Channel 4 News anchor Cathy Newman in the studio (Credit: Channel 4 News/ITN)

“My job involves any graphics for online, [as well as] design, any development, [and] any apps we choose to try and do. Pretty much everything,” he says.

Like many people in television, what started out as a hobby turned into a full-time career. The good thing about interactive design, unlike print, is that you “can make as many mistakes as you want and it doesn’t cost you. It’s entirely trial and error.”

Tips in 60 Seconds... How to be a make up designer

RTS award-winner Jacqueline Fowler has designed make up and hair for a range of films and television series including Hunger, Poldark and War and Peace.

It's her job to come up with the overall look for a cast's make up and hair, and to work with her artists to produce this look on set.

Here Jacqueline explains why it's so important to practice if you want to get a job likes hers.