Daf James

Heartbreak, magic and fairy dust: the creators of Lost Boys & Fairies on their bilingual queer adoption story

The two central boys in Lost Boys & Fairies sit side by side, leaning on one another, and both wearing the same Superman T-shirt

Set in Cardiff, the bilingual English and Welsh drama follows Gabriel and Andy, played by Sion Daniel Young (known from Deceit) and Fra Fee (Hawkeye), on their journey to adopt their first child. 

Gabriel is an artist and “performer­-extraordinaire” at a queer cabaret club called Neverland. Like Peter Pan, he has never really grown up. Andy, an accountant, is a picture of stability and middle-aged domesticity.

Sion Daniel Young and Fra Fee among cast announced for new BBC drama Lost Boys and Fairies

Headshots of Sion Daniel Young, Fra Fee, Elizabeth Berrington, Sharon D Clarke and Maria Doyle Kennedy

Sion Daniel Young (Witness Number 3) and Fra Fee (Cabaret) will take the starring roles of Gabriel and Andy, a couple who have recently embarked on a journey of adoption.

Gabriel (Young) is a singer and artiste who regularly performs at ‘Neverland’, a queer club space in Cardiff. He finds himself examining and attempting to repair the relationship between himself and his father after adopting the seven-year-old Jake alongside his partner Andy (Fee).

Lost Boys and Fairies commissioned by BBC One

Daf James (Credit: Rebecca Need-Menear/BBC)

The four-part drama, written by Daf James, focuses on a queer, Welsh adoption story. 

Gabriel is a singer and all round artistic extraordinaire in Cardiff’s queer club space called Neverland, who decides to adopt his first child with his partner Andy.

However, Gabriel has old wounds that need to be healed, leading him to go on a journey of self-discovery and repair the fractured relationship with his dad before he can be the parent he needs to be to 7-year-old Jake.