A Christmas Carol

Steven Knight to adapt Great Expectations for BBC One

Steven Knight (Credit: BBC)

The six-part limited series is the second Dickens novel Knight has adapted, following A Christmas Carol last year.

Knight will once again be partnering up with producers Ridley Scott and Tom Hardy to bring the novel to life.

Great Expectations tells the coming-of-age story of orphan Pip, who dreams of being a gentleman and winning the heart of the beautiful but cold Estella.

Initially the story was released by Dickens as weekly chapters starting in December 1860, before it was published as a complete novel.

Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight discusses upcoming project A Christmas Carol in drama masterclass

Steven Knight (right) (Credit: Teresa Bogan)

The early December event – organised by BBC Birmingham in partnership with RTS Midlands – celebrated the writer’s latest project, a three-part adaptation of A Christmas Carol, a highlight of BBC One’s festive schedule.

The Dickens classic has been adapted countless times, which is why Knight said he undertook a detailed study of the original text in search of a fresh take on a familiar story.

Steven Knight to adapt SAS: Rogue Heroes

Steven Knight (Credit: BBC)

The six-part series of the same name will delve into the origins of the world’s most esteemed Special Forces unit, the Special Air Services.

Set during the darkest days of the Second World War, a maverick military group revolutionise a new form of warfare in the deserts of North Africa.

Operating as small squads of parachute trained soldiers, the troops deploy behind enemy lines for reconnaissance missions, to raid supply lines, attack reinforcement routes and sabotage enemy aircraft weaponry to help the war effort.