The Chase

Working Lives: Line Producer

The Chase (credit: ITV)

What does the job involve?

I oversee the production budget and scheduling, as well as the day-to-day aspects of a production. This involves ensuring that filming is done safely, on time and on budget. I’m also the go-between, between the crew and the producers.

How do you differ from a producer?

A producer works on the editorial side; a line producer is on the production side of a TV show.

How did you get your break in telly?

The rise and rise of daytime TV

This Morning's 30th anniversary episode saw the show's biggest audience for nine years (Credit: ITV)

Daytime TV has long been the butt of comedians’ jokes. In an episode of Mock the Week last year, Hugh Dennis pretended to be a weary daytime announcer: “Well, because they’re all the same, and I can’t be bothered to announce them all, here’s Flog Dickinson’s Antiques Sun Hammer Pointless Breakout in the Country… finishes at 5pm.”