Boiling Point

Working Lives: Samantha Beddoe, co-founder of indie It's All Made Up Productions

The cast of Boiling Point stand in an ensemble in a blue-ish light, all of them in kitchen attire and looking stressed

She hopes the indie’s debut – hit BBC One drama Boiling Point – is the first of many TV and film successes.

Why did you set up an indie together?

Phil and I were introduced in 2019. It was a coincidence that we are both from Liverpool and have similar backgrounds. Neither of us knew anyone in the industry – we fought our way in and built these careers for ourselves, and we both have very similar goals. So we decided to work together.

Channel 4 releases trailer and first-look images for series two of gripping drama Suspect

Anne-Marie Duff, looking slightly distraught, talks to Ben Miller, who is out of focus with his back is to the camera

Dr Susannah Newman (Anne-Marie Duff, Bad Education) is having a session with Jon (Dominic Cooper, Preacher). Under hypnosis, Jon admits to being a murderer. It falls to Susannah to convince a sceptical police force that a young girl’s life is now in danger.

Philip Barantini and Rebecca Ferguson on the making of Boiling Point

Is there something in the water in Huyton? Following in the footsteps of Alan Bleasdale (Boys from the Blackstuff), and Tony Schumacher (The Responder), director Philip Barantini is the latest television talent from the streets of this Liverpool town, with his new BBC One four-parter Boiling Point.

It is a rollercoaster slice-of-life drama, set in the kitchen and front-of-house of a new high-end London restaurant, and Barantini described its unusual journey to the small screen.

BBC releases first look image of Stephen Graham in new Boiling Point series

Boiling Point showed the stress-ridden world of hospitality in a real time drama that received widespread critical acclaim. Stephen Graham (Time) starred as Andy, the head chef of Jones & Sons who was struggling to cope with its falling health and safety ratings, managing the staff and cooking for a visiting food critic. The film ended with Andy collapsing.