ITV explores the use of marijuana in new celebrity road trip series

ITV explores the use of marijuana in new celebrity road trip series

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Gone to Pot (Credit: ITV)

A group of celebrities will take a very different kind of road trip in Gone to Pot, as they explore the issues surrounding legal marijuana use in the US.

Linda Robson (Birds of a Feather), Pam St Clement (Eastenders), presenter and former darts player Bobby George, actor Christopher Biggins and ex-footballer Josh Fashanu take an unconventional trip across the US to discover the issues surrounding marijuana in the states where the drug has been legalised. 

With a 'magical mystery bus' as their form of transport, the group will encounter an eclectic mix of people along the way who use the drug for both medicinal and recreational purposes, meeting those who have experienced the benefits and disadvantages of its legalisation.

Each celebrity comes to the adventure with their own perception of the drug and personal motivations for wanting to discover more about the issues surrounding its use and legalisation.  

Executive producer, Ceri Jones, commented, “The legalisation of marijuana is a hot topic in Britain today, and I can’t think of a better bunch of people to investigate the subject for us.

"They will board the bus for a road trip like no other, leaving no stone unturned as they meet people who have experienced both the pros and cons of marijuana.”

Despite marijuana's reputation for easing the symptoms of medical problems such as arthritis, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis, it remains illegal and is the most common and trafficked drug in the UK, with studies showing prolonged use harms a person's mental and physical health.

The three-part series examines the legalisation of cannabis and if the change has been more beneficial or more harmful to communities.

Gone to Pot accompanies other bold new ITV commissions including Gordon On Cocaine and Ross Kemp In Jail - Inside Barlinnie, which are part of the broadcaster's Crime and Punishment season this autumn.

"ITV prides itself on tackling issues that get the great British public talking," said ITV's Kate Teckman. "This group of well-loved personalities will each have a very personal reason for undertaking this journey – it’s sure to be a trip they will never forget."  ​

The series will not be the only new series to make the leap to the US. ITV2 has announced a new comedy series Keith Lemon: Coming In America, which follows Lemon as he tries to make his American dream of hosting his own talk show a reality.

The mockumentary will feature guest stars Sharon and Jack Osbourne, Spencer Pratt, Emma Bunton, John Barrowman and Gene Simmons. 

Keith Lemon said of the new series, “I'm right excited t' be coming in America. Who knows what might 'appen. It's like they say, if you can make it there ya can make it anywhere! Actually that's New York, I'm going to L.A."

"Anyway I've got me factor 50, it's gonna be a lot of fun! Me chatting to some hopefully familiar faces (depending who I run into) and there'll also be a few familiar faces from me sketch show," he added. 

"I wonder if they've got urban fox'sss in California?”

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