This week's top TV: 8 - 14 January

This week's top TV: 8 - 14 January

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Monday, 8th January 2018
Lions and other iconic cat species will be featured in BBC One show Big Cats (credit: BBC)

This week's top TV includes new ITV drama Next of Kin, a BBC documentary following some of the most fascinating members of the feline family, and a rare interview with the Queen.

Drama:  Next of Kin


9pm, ITV

Jack Davenport and Archie Panjabi star in new ITV drama Next of Kin (credit: ITV)

As a terrorist attack brings London to a standstill, GP Mona Harcourt receives the devastating news that her brother Kareem has been kidnapped on his way home to the UK from Lahore. Her family's horror is aggravated by the attentions of the police counter-terrorism unit and their interest in Kareem's teenage son Danny, who has not been seen at university for six weeks.

Documentary: Into the Fire


10pm, Really 

Observational documentary series following the work of the West Midlands Fire Service (credit: UKTV)

A new series following the firefighters of the West Midlands Fire Service. Viewers will have a first person perspective on fighting fires, thanks to heat-resistant helmet cams worn by the firefighters. The first episode delivers visceral thrills when crews tackle a roaring house fire with flames filling the screen. 

Documentary: School for Stammerers 


9pm, ITV

A one-off documentary following the emotional journey of six individuals as they attempt to control their stammers (credit: ITV)

Stammering is a psychologically complex condition that is often misunderstood and hard to overcome. This film follows six people as they embark on the McGuire Programme, an intensive residential course ran by former stammerers. They all hope the course will help them conquer their condition and tackle the ultimate challenge, speaking on a soapbox in Trafalgar Square.

Entertainment: Britain's Brightest Family


8pm, ITV

Quiz battleaxe The Governess aka Anne Hegarty hosts this new show to see how well families know each other (credit: ITV) 

The Chase host Anne Hegarty presents this new show where 16 families take part in a knockout quiz with the holiday of a lifetime up for grabs. Contestants will need to have a good idea of their family members' knowledge, as individuals are nominated to answer each question.   

Nature: Big Cats


8pm, BBC One

Documentary series uncovering the secret lives of big cats, using the latest technology and scientific research to bring the animals out of the shadows (credit: BBC)

A new series following ultimate cat species from around the world, from tiny rusted spotted cats in Sri Lanka to the lions of Tanzania. The film also takes a look at the secret lives of the Canada lynx which lives farther north than any cat, and follows an African leopard, which for a decade has worn a radio collar that allows scientists to follow every twist and turn of its existence.

Property: George Clarke's Amazing Spaces 


8pm, Channel 4

George Clarke enthuses wildly over a Tokyo home that he describes as like being inside a Cubist painting in the first episode of series 7 (credit: Channel 4)

The architect is back for a seventh series and is joined by craftsman Will Hardie to traverse the UK visiting ingenious and eccentric builds created by pioneering designers. They hatch a plan to build a nostalgic toy treehouse, visit Dudley to see a canal boat conversion and travel to Yorkshire for a cattle trailer which is being turned into a luxury holiday camper. 

Music: David Bowie: Five Years in the Making of an Icon


9pm, BBC Four

Music icon David Bowie passed away in January 2016 (credit: BBC)

An intimate portrait of five key years in David Bowie's career. Featuring a wealth of previously unseen archive footage, this film looks at how Bowie continually evolved. Featuring interviews with his closest collaborators, the film investigates how he became an icon of out times.

Documentary: Coronation


8pm, BBC One

The Queen will share memories of her coronation in 1953 with royal commentator Alistair Bruce (credit: BBC)

Documentary about the Queen's coronation in 1953, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the landmark occasion. The programme will feature an interview with the monarch as she shares memories of the ceremony and the state of the nation at the time. The hour-long programme also includes contributions from those involved in the ceremony and traces the history of the Crown Jewels.  


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This week's top TV includes new ITV drama Next of Kin, a BBC documentary following some of the most fascinating members of the feline family, and a rare interview with the Queen.