The most explosive moments in soaps

The most explosive moments in soaps

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Thursday, 21st December 2017
Phil Mitchell has had many explosive moments (credit: BBC)

The soaps are notorious for dark secrets, vicious arguments and great tragedy, especially at Christmas. Take a look at our compilation of some of the most memorable and explosive moments from yesteryear.  

EastEnders: The Queen Vic Fire



Crack cocaine-addicted Phil Mitchell is locked in the living room of the Queen Victoria pub and forced to go cold turkey by his mother, Peggy Mitchell. After using a crow-bar to escape, Phil and Peggy get into an argument where Phil drops a match over the alcohol soaked floor, which eventually leads to a massive explosion. The episode attracted over 10 million viewers and the London Fire Brigade used the 'dramatic and distressing' events to publicly highlight the devastation a real fire can cause.

Emmerdale: Helicopter Crash


Chrissie White sets alight to her husband Robert Sugden's car after a heated argument. There just so happens to be a couple of gas cannisters nearby, which explode and cause a helicopter to crash into the village hall during Pete Barton and Debbie Dingle's wedding, just after Pete had discovered Debbie had been cheating on him with her brother-in-law. The hour-long episode attracted over 7 million viewers and resulted in the deaths of Val Pollard and Ross Barton.  

EastEnders: Steve Owen's Death



Phil Mitchell was chasing Steve, who was attempting to flee to the US with Phil's daughter Louise and his girlfriend Mel (Phil's ex-girlfriend). During the vehicle chase, Steve's tyre bursts causing him to crash into a barrel of petrol and a wall. As his car is engulfed in flames, Steve, who is trapped, hands over Louise to Phil, who watches on as Steve's car explodes, killing him. Steve's death was the culmination of a long-running feud between the two men.

Brookside: The Trevor Jordache Storyline



Ex-convict Trevor Jordache was murdered by his long suffering wife Mandy Jordache in one of the soap's main storylines during the peak of its popularity in 1990s. Trevor had sexually abused his daughters and would regularly beat his wife Mandy, who eventually stabbed him to death. Mandy and daughter Beth buried his body under the patio, where it was discovered two years later after an underground leak led to the area being dug up. 

Coronation Street: The Tram Crash



This episode was broadcast live as a part of the show's 50th anniversary celebrations. The Joinery exploded during Peter Barlow's stag party, damaging a viaduct on the roof causing a tram to fall on the street with devastating consequences. Ashley Peacock and Molly Dobbs died as a result of the crash. The special episode attracted over 14 million viewers and was the shows highest audience for seven years.

Hollyoaks: Niall's Revenge



Full of bitterness towards his mother Myra McQeen, who had abandoned him when he was a baby, Niall Rafferty held the McQueen family hostage in the same church he was abandoned in. Niall's mischief was cut short when Darren Osborne, Tony Hutchinson and Dom Reilly rushed to the rescue but Niall detonated explosives he had previously placed in the church, tragically killing his half-sister Tina McQueen. He eventually saved his mother Myra from falling rubble, before escaping himself. 

EastEnders: "Sharongate"



Over 25 million viewers tuned in to watch the climax of the Sharongate storyline, which involved a love triangle between Sharon and brothers Phil and Grant Mitchell. Sharon had confessed on tape to sleeping with husband Grant's brother Phil. After Grant discovers the tape he plays it in the Queen Vic during Phil's engagement party, before beating his brother unconscious. 

EastEnders: Phil and Grant Drive Into the River



Grant and brother Phil intercept a drug deal, stealing a large sum of money so they can pay off a debt. The job goes awry when Phil finds out that Grant slept with his ex-wife Kathy. Grant admits to Phil it was revenge for Phil sleeping with Sharon. Phil, struggling to come to terms with the revelation shoots the steering wheel of their getaway car and they plunge into the River Thames. Phil was rescued from the river but Grant would not be seen in Walford again until 2005. 

Emmerdale: The Hotten Bypass Crash



The Hotten Bypass crash was one of the biggest stunts in soap history. 14 vehicles were wrecked and multiple village favorites were seriously injured. The carnage unfolds after Emma Barton pushes James Barton off of a motorway bridge, leading to a series of horrific crashes with vehicles flying everywhere. Unbelievably, the only person to die as a result of the pile up was James, who died in front of his family after doctors were unable to revive him. 

Coronation Street: Underworld Set on Fire



Tony Gordon had escaped from prison and intended to get revenge on those who he believed had wronged him, particularly his ex-wife Carla Connor. Tony shoots dead Robbie Sloan, his cellmate who he escaped from prison with and lets several of the hostages he captured go deciding not to murder them as he initially planned. He sets the Underworld factory on fire before he and Carla exchange words in the factory. Tony's plan to murder Carla backfires as she escapes and Tony ends up dying in the blaze.   

And if that wasn't enough...

Classic Christmas episodes of EastEnders, including the bust ups between Angie and Den, and Grant and Tiffany, are available to watch on BBC iPlayer this Christmas

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The soaps are notorious for dark secrets, vicious arguments and great tragedy, especially at Christmas. Take a look at our compilation of some of the most memorable and explosive moments from yesteryear.